Interior Design

Q:  Do I need to be in the greater Sarasota area to hire A Coastal Home?  

A:  Nope!  We are available to travel for full service interior projects.

Q:  How quickly can we get started? 

A:  We respond to all client inquires within 48 hours.  First we give you a ring for a quick 10-15 minute chat.  If we find we are able to assist with your project, we will schedule an in-home consultation.  Once we see your space, we can determine a start date for your project.  This is dependent on a few factors like your timeline and our current workload.

Q:  Do you charge for the initial consultation? 

A:  Absolutely!  Any designer worth hiring charges for the first meeting.  Our current consultation fee is $250.  

Q:  What does the design process look like? 

A: We utilize a logical 15 step process to take our projects from conception to completion in a timely fashion.  At the consultation we review each step in the process so you will fully understand each step along the way.  

Q:  How long will my project take? 

A:  You're looking at a minimum of four months.  The speed of the project depends on a few facotrs like your ability to make decisions, product lead times and securing the right contractors.  

Q:  Do we need to use your preferred contractors or can we use someone we have already worked with?


A:   We're dedicated to making sure your project is finished to the highest standards possible.  Therefore, it is very important that we line up the right contractors for your project and that they are available within the timeline that you wish to get started.  We also look for contractors who have outstanding communication.  We are happy to work alongside contractors who bring both high quality work and excellent  communication skills to the project. 

Q:  How much is this going to cost me? 

A:  We aren't able to know or estimate costs before the very important initial consultation.  During the consultation we can offer a rough breakdown of room costs to determine your level of investment.  Keep in mind this all depends on your wish list.  There are different tiers of customization and quality that determine pricing levels for many items in the home.